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Welcome to Old Saratoga Spice Rubs where we say, "If You Love It, Rub It!".

Our products are just not the "same old, same old...." So if you visited us looking for a Cowboy Rub, some mesquite liquid smoke flavored sea salt, or another Montreal Mix, we are sorry. That isn't what we do.

We offer unique flavors that are:

*All Natural* *Gluten Free* *MSG Free* *Dextrose Free*

They contain:

*No Animal Products* *No Dairy* *No Soy*

*No tree nuts, peanuts, nitrites, or sulfites, no added preservatives, anti-caking agents, flavorings, or colors

4 pan smoked kosher salt blends: Smoked Kosher Salt, Garlic-Smoked Salt-Pepper, Garlic-Smoked Salt-Jalapeno, and Garlic-Smoked Salt-5P (a blend of New Mexico, habanero, ancho, chipotle, and jalapeņo peppers)

6 different Low-Salt Flavor Mixes: Provencal Herbs with Garlic, Garlic-Mustard-Jalapeno Mix, Southwest Zest Mix, Taco-Fajita-Chili Mix, Portobello and Friends, and Horseradish, Garlic, & Chive Mix

4 Low-Salt BBQ flavors: a sugar free BBQ Rub, a semi-sweet rub called Sweet & Smoky, a true sweet rub called Sweet & Spicy, and a non-traditional BBQ flavor called Sweet Dragon Spice which includes ginger, crushed red pepper, and citrus.